US East Coast Division

The company’s East Coast Division has offices in Silver Spring, MD and Culpeper, VA. We have a complete management and work force team with expertise in civil construction, mechanical/HVAC, low and high voltage electrical work, and earth moving. We have the structural construction capabilities for projects incorporating CAD FrameCad based structures, pre-engineered buildings (PEB), insulated concrete forms (ICF), concrete masonry unit (CMU), pre-det roof systems and concrete B-Hut manufacturing. In addition, we have leadership and staff licensed and trained for environmental/hazmat clean up.

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JSI construction projects are completed in accordance with, but not limited to International Building Code (IBC); National Electric Code (NEC) –
NFPA 70 International Fire Code; International Plumbing Code; International Mechanical Code; ACI 318 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete; ACI 347R-14 Guide to Formwork for Concrete; ASTM D1557
Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC).

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We continuously are placing concrete in our civil projects – roads, vertical structures, and airport ramps/runways. So it was only natural to take the next logical step by obtaining several concrete batch and asphalt plants for our inventory. This enhanced our services for concrete on government installations as well as commercial venues



To provide critical environmental services to an ever changing the planet, JS INT’L, INC. (JSI), has assembled a team of Professionals to meet this unique challenge. While most of our clients know JSI for our quality construction, we also offer a robust environmental Services Group encompassing a wide variety of experience and unique capabilities.