Safety and health policy

JS INT'L, Inc. has an active Safety & Health Program which establishes and implements safety & health standards and requirements for the prevention of accidents and hazards throughout every office and division of the company.

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Implementation is executed through project specific Accident Prevention Plans, inspections, continuous training and an aggressive preventative maintenance system.  Under the provisions of this policy, workers shall not be required to work in surrounding or under working conditions which are unsafe or dangerous to his/her health.

The provisions of this program are strictly enforced by Management and implemented by the HSE Managers in each of our divisions through inspections, a corrective action tracking program and training.

JS INT’L, INC.’s Accident Prevention Program has been prepared in the light of and to comply with the requirements of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements Manual EM385, US Department of Labor – Occupational Safety and Health Administration and EU-OSHA Safety Standards


•         Keep the employees informed of the hazards likely to occur in the workplace during health and safety jobs training, precautionary labels, emergency alarms, color codes, chemical information sheets, and similar stuff.

•         Bookkeeping and safeguard of medical records related to injuries and illnesses in case an incident affecting an employee happens in the work area where medical history of the patient will immediately become a need.

•         Run battery of tests in the workplace ensuring everything in the workplace is safe for workers

•         Perform exams and other medical screening procedures to ensure maximum health of all employees which can be detrimental if there are illnesses left unchecked and can likely harm the majority.

•         Avoid retaliation or discrimination of employees in the workplace.

•         Our workers are encouraged to report work-related cases resulting in injury and illnesses

  •         We train our employees to assess and report working conditions as to whether the workplace is unsafe and unhealthy

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Safety mission statement:

Create a Safe Work Environment for our Employees.

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