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Jack Perry

Founder, and President

Jack brings 30 years of construction field experience to the company’s operations, with his previous experience as an iron worker, foreman, superintendent, and project manager. He entered the United States Marine Corps, and after honorably discharged joined the iron workers union.  He then progressed from iron worker to foreman, to superintendent (primarily in Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, and Utah).   He was later recruited by a U.S. government prime contractor as project manager (primarily on installations in the US, Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy, and Sicily), and then progressed to business owner.  His vision has pioneered the model of small, focused work groups providing solutions to a range of clients in effective and efficient manner.

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Jim Pugh

Senior vice president

Jim has 30+ years experience in the construction industry working on residential, commercial and government projects.  He started in Residential Drywall and Carpentry in the early 1980’s, moved on to join the Carpenters Union in the late 80’s, and started his own business in 1993.  Jim’s business started with residential drywall and quickly grew to include painting, and then expanded again to include multiple facets of commercial and government work.  Sales went from $200,000 his first year to better than $10M at his peak.  He frequently was sole source of scheduling and logistics for up to 100 workers.  In 2009, Jim started working as a subcontractor for Jack Perry, owner of JSI.  After a couple of projects, Jack invited Jim into the “JSI Family” and JSI has seen considerable growth since that time.  Jim started by assisting the Construction Manager and Project Managers and quickly earned the position of General Manager of the company.  He has overseen the expansion of JSI into new markets, several of which are overseas.

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 Greg EwArt

vice president

Greg heads up the Hawaii / Pacific Division’s efforts focusing on civil construction in the region.  He has garnered over 25 years of experience in larger scale development, project management, design, and engineering.  Greg’s innovative approaches in civil design/construction have been implemented in and sought out by our clients in the Islands.

Alan Hall

vice president

Alan leads the Middle East Division.  He has over 25 years’ experience as a project manager. He is a Registered Environmental Manager.  His project involvement includes vertical civil construction, structural close-outs, renovation construction, large scale water borne oil spills, aircraft crash site salvage / remediation; large scale procurement, burn pit closures, environmental foot print reduction; and designs in austere conditions.